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A Most Stupendous & Audacious Undertaking

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While I wouldn't say 'primarily', you do see a lot of fairly traditional dress in cities in Japan, especially under certain circumstances. In the taxi line outside Kyoto station it would be unusual to not see at least one formal kimono on a woman, and there are yukata all over the place in Tokyo on a warm summer Saturday evening.

The poorer men in the cities also mostly wear western clothes. I remember being struck by that, how people going to their construction jobs or working as tailors or whatever always wore long-sleeve collared shirts and long pants.

There was a good article in a recent New Yorker about life in that slum next to the Mumbai airport. Here's a video, with link to the story.

I'm curious about what an ethical slum tour consists of... (my immediate thought was: there are unethical tours?)

This airport is horribly disorganized. Horribly. Admittedly they're doing construction, but should the shuttle bus between the terminals (not connected in a walkable fashion) only come once an hour? Seriously.

I wonder if they've ever *not* been doing construction :)

Yeah I remember Mumbai International Airport. Oh the fun!

Did you get to see the pools of water in dirty, dark narrow hallways with electrical wires dangling out of the ceiling only inches from the puddles?

Fun for the whole family! :)

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