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[travel] I have ten girlfriends! (in Canada)
Further adventures in India...

Cast of characters:
- Small-town internet cafe operators #1 and #2 (STICO #1 / #2, both men)
- Me

STICO #1: You have such pretty blue eyes.
STICO #1: Hey, [STICO#2] come look at his eyes!
STICO #2: Wow! So blue, and with patterns. Just like spiderman!
Me: Um, thanks.

(a minute passes)

STICO #1: So, are you single?
Me: No. Girlfriend.
STICO #1: How many girlfriends you have?
Me: ... (in a very facetious voice) I have ten girlfriends!
STICO #1: Whoa! Ten?! Wow!
Me: (serious voice) Just kidding. I only have five girlfriends.
(too late... apparently the number is fixed at ten)
STICO #1: He has ten girfriends!
STICO #2: Yeah! Ten girlfriends!

Several other people have now asked me how many girlfriends I have.  I typically answer with some number between five and twenty.  They have interesting ideas about America.

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I can't tell if this is funnier because it's not inconceivable that you might have multiple girlfriends. (How many DO you have?) ;)

Depends on the definition of girlfriend... but a random person from India inspecting the lurid details of my life would probably come up with a number around 5.

Then they'd round it up to 10. :-)

I think what they mean to say is "how many people are you dating?"


Maybe this will be the beginning of improved international relations... "See! They believe in multiple girlfriends/ wives too!"

(in my head this is VERY funny... I may have to get back to you on the translation between my brains' visuals and English, however...)

lol, that's a great story =)

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