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[travel] The evasive Slumdog
I really wanted to see Slumdog Millionaire before getting to Mumbai, but none of the nine flights I took prior to Mumbai had it as an option. Ironically, my flight out of Mumbai had it. However, the flight was short enough that they deactivated the personal seat-back entertainment system when the movie was 90% finished. In fact, the last thing I heard was “This is your final question. For 20 million rupees...[click] We are now beginning our descent into Doha. Please turn off all portable electronic devices, stow your tray tables...”

The next flight I took had it (weirdly, a Boeing 747 for a 1-hour flight...), but the flight was so short they wouldn't give me a headset. The next flight, a much longer flight, had no personal entertainment system. Grr.

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