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Laser-cut Christmas presents - Wood with spiral grain
I had the idea recently to create a wood surface with a spiral grain by using a laser cutter to cut slivers of wood that could be arranged into a circle.  If each sliver has the grain pointed slightly inward toward the center of the circle, then the overall grain effect will be a spiral.

It worked out rather well on zebrawood:

Some others I made out of cherry... the spiral feel is much more subtle.

Laser cut wood spirals Laser cut wood spirals


Laser cut wood spirals Laser cut wood spirals

That's incredibly cool and covet-worthy!

You know, I like the cherry too. Subtle, and such pretty tones. Merry merry! <3

pretty! how do you get your hands on a laser cutter though?

TechShop. I pay a monthly membership.

This is pretty awesome -- will you share the file, so I can try it myself?

Or better yet, put it on Thingaverse.

Thingaverse is cool. I didn't know about it. Will upload sometime soon.

Those are really gorgeous!

Oh my god that's beautiful! What's the diameter of the finished piece?

5.5" I was limited by the size of the available wood, but I just found a source for bigger pieces so I'm going to do a 10" version.

That is amazing.

Does a Seattle TechShop exist?

Google answered my question. Not yet, it seems.


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