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Laser-cut Christmas presents - Wood with spiral grain
I had the idea recently to create a wood surface with a spiral grain by using a laser cutter to cut slivers of wood that could be arranged into a circle.  If each sliver has the grain pointed slightly inward toward the center of the circle, then the overall grain effect will be a spiral.

It worked out rather well on zebrawood:

Some others I made out of cherry... the spiral feel is much more subtle.

Laser cut wood spirals Laser cut wood spirals


Laser cut wood spirals Laser cut wood spirals

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That's incredibly cool and covet-worthy!

You know, I like the cherry too. Subtle, and such pretty tones. Merry merry! <3

pretty! how do you get your hands on a laser cutter though?

TechShop. I pay a monthly membership.

This is pretty awesome -- will you share the file, so I can try it myself?

Or better yet, put it on Thingaverse.

Thingaverse is cool. I didn't know about it. Will upload sometime soon.

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Oh my god that's beautiful! What's the diameter of the finished piece?

5.5" I was limited by the size of the available wood, but I just found a source for bigger pieces so I'm going to do a 10" version.

That is amazing.

Does a Seattle TechShop exist?

Google answered my question. Not yet, it seems.

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