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A Most Stupendous & Audacious Undertaking

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It's just so interesting, how things change. My father was stationed at the armory when he was in his early 20's (so, the early 70's). He took me and my sister there before bought it to show us the building and talk about what it was like to drive armored vehicles in and out of the place.

I don't know what he'd think of it now. :)

Ah, history. One of the things I like about cities is that many urban buildings are now being used for something other than their original purpose, and that adds to the character of both the building and the business within.

All ceilings should specify how much weight can be hung from them.

(I spent yesterday evening hanging from our ceiling.)

Visiting the armoury was a sexy highlight of my trip to SF.

The armory is pretty awesome. I know a fair number of people that go to parties on the upper floor on a regular basis. (The parties sound great, but everyone is filmed, so while masks are totally ok, I still don't go.)

Wait, how does reality TV lead to less porn piracy?

It's an interactive show, so the monthly subscribers can interact with the women in the house.

Ah, so that show specifically is less prone to being pirated. I was thinking it was somehow supposed to make people less inclined to pirate other porn.

Brainwashing. No, wait, that's marketing.

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