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 I'm on Google+.

I have this theory that most people are only active contributors to two general-audience social networks at most. It's been true for me since ~2004 when I dropped Friendster.

So LiveJournal vs Facebook vs Google+... who is it going to be?  I don't want to stop blogging.

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I auto-echo from my blog to LJ and actually make the effort to read my friends list (as is clear by my comments)... and I use Facebook and Twitter and Flickr.

All this to say nananabooboo to your theory. :D Also, that is a great picture on Google+! Also, is it weird that I added you if I only know you online?

You must be special then. :-)

Also, I just learned you're Baha'i. I knew the Baha'i had good taste in gardens (saw them in Haifa) but it was interesting learning about their core principles, which seem fairly good and reasonable.

Were your parents Baha'i, or did you convert?

I'm stop-eating-the-paste special, that much is true. :)

You've been to the Bahá'í World Center?! Nutso. Gah, I love Haifa. I love Israel, in general. It's hilarious that you say the gardens thing, because that's what we're trying to recreate in our yard: drought resistant, flowery goodness, with lots of things that bear fruit. We subbed mulch for that red clay stone stuff on the pathways, though.

My parents were not and are not Bahá'ís! My mom has just recently come around to not thinking I'm a total freak (at least not for that, specifically). I grew up in a multicultural and multireligious household (Jewish and Catholic/Christian) with family of all of the above as well as Muslim cousins/aunts/uncles. I didn't agree with any of those religions, so I was sort of agnostic, I think? I believed that I wasn't capable of knowing whether there was a God or not, but I would give the universe the benefit of the doubt. I learned about the Faith in college, but I think I had to convince myself "scientifically" first... so I've only been a Bahá'í about four years. And you hit the nail on the head, at least for me, the principles are what did it. I've never seen communities work with such unity to do good things for society before (but now I'm biased, I guess).

I've never really been sure, are you agnostic, or atheist? A vast majority of my friends are the latter; oddly enough, I think that's just who I tend to have an affinity with.

Technically speaking I'm agnostic, though I don't mind being called an atheist.

To be more specific, here's what I'm about, spiritually speaking:

Loved it. It's like looking into a brain mirror. ;) Only thing I would add is that without universal education, universal health, and universal equalities (race, gender, etc.) our society can't achieve it's full potential, it's always just continually trying. I think if we focused on those things a bit more, we might eliminate the need/desire for wars, entitlement, all those things... we'd become a TRUE society, a real collective, and we could focus that collective energy on all those endeavors you mentioned.

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