September 5th, 2007


Burningman stories pt. 2: Dust, rain, supernumerary rainbows, and nipply goodness


We've been at Burningman four days.  In a remark that had serious consequences, I told frogpyjamas... "Wow... the weather's been perfect out here.  It's pleasantly cool and there hasn't been a single dust storm."  The remark was immediately noticed by the sophisticated monitoring system of the Ministry for the Moderation of Optimistic Expectations and forwarded to the Bureau of Calamity for prompt action.  If only the US government was so efficient. 

Two hours later things looked like this:

It's a photo of our camp.  Note Orion's amazing stellated dodecahedron and the giant Settlers game in the background.  Don't see them? Neither do I.  Yes, people were playing our Settlers game in this weather.   They didn't want to lose their reservation. 
Hey crotchgoblin... if you're reading this, thank you so much for those goggles you gave me last year.  They are airtight and make dust storms freakin' fun.

The storm blew a couple of our structures down.  We held on to the rest until we could figure out how to secure them properly.

The next day was more of the same.  Dust storm, then a little rain, then a big dust storm, then a pounding rainstorm.  Dust transforms the familiar world around you into a post-apocalyptic adventureland. 

Rain is rare and incredible at burningman.  I had to go out bicycling in the rainstorm, and I found all kinds of wondrous things.

Schadenfreude.  It took down a metal dome.  That was one hell of a storm.
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