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Matt's Blog

A Most Stupendous & Audacious Undertaking

Nasu Dengaku Ego Boost
A quick bit of typing in the wrong text entry box has revealed that I'm now in the top 10 results for "Nasu Dengaku" on Google. 

People looking for the Japanese eggplant dish will now find something totally useless to them, a blog about anything but grilled eggplant.

Allow me to remedy that:

Nasu Dengaku is a delicious dish that involves smearing miso sauce all over grilled eggplant.  Here's a recipe.

I originally picked nasu_dengaku when I was thinking this journal would be small and private, with me writing posts to a few close friends and keeping my real name hidden from public view.  Yeah, that changed a while ago.  

I'm again considering blogging on my wordpress site, with auto-copied posts over to livejournal.  The only downsides I'm aware of are that this would split comment discussions across 3 locations (wordpress, livejournal, facebook), and the wordpress livejournal importer is broken enough that I'd have to go in and fix ~100 old entries if I desired my entire blog in one place.