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Matt's Blog

A Most Stupendous & Audacious Undertaking

Re-converting to workaholic mode
 It's interesting to reflect how much my day-to-day life has changed in the last two months.  

In November, I was still scattered, splitting my time between numerous pursuits like snowboarding, hang-gliding, and various art projects.  Now I wake up on a Saturday and think "hey, how can I make progress on my 3D vision project".  The transformation's been very interesting.  Distractions that used to be highly alluring are much more easily resisted.  I ask myself how side activities relate to my core goals.  

Overturning the entrenched habits from my 2-year mini retirement seems like a daunting task but really all it took was an idea exciting enough that I convinced myself to take quick action.  Passion and urgency apparently trump methodical habit change when it comes to self-development.  

I have to be careful not to go too far and lose all the great habits I picked up in the last year.  I still want to reserve some time for travel, regular exercise, adventure sports, parties, and other things that keep my life balanced and ensure that my creative powers stay undiminished.