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A Most Stupendous & Audacious Undertaking

What's the best on-the-go task management software?
Despite attempts to get myself to use Things and OmniFocus, I've always gone back to a hand-maintained Excel document plus writing down physical to-do lists if I'm out running errands.  Maybe it's just inertia, or perhaps the simplicity of just typing tasks into cells made everything else feel cumbersome. 

It looks like OmniFocus has better mobile syncing these days, so perhaps it will be easier to use the second time round.  I just tricked the desktop version into giving me another 14-day trial period. 

I could also go for a web-based solution, which would be nice when I've booted my mac into Windows or Ubuntu.  However, none of the web-based versions had clear support for easy mobile use. 

Any advice?

HPV causes more tonsil cancer than smoking, so get the vaccine
The first studies on the HPV vaccine for boys are in, and it appears that they are effective in preventing men from getting genital warts.  I'm glad I was an early adopter and found a doctor to vaccinate me way back in 2008.  (Note that if you've had one of the strains of HPV in the vaccine already, getting the vaccine won't protect you)

If you're under 30 and/or have had a relatively limited number of sex partners, you should get yourself vaccinated for HPV.

HPV is a nasty little bugger.  In addition to being the main cause of cervical cancer, it now is the leading cause of tonsil cancer.  Yup, HPV causes more tonsil cancer than smoking.  Crazy. 

I know a lot of y'all think unprotected oral sex is a low risk activity relative to even protected vaginal intercourse.  However, there really isn't a good explanation (other than unprotected oral sex) for how HPV would end up in people's throats.  Note that people with cervical cancer don't automatically get throat cancer as well, so HPV is not good at getting into the bloodstream and spreading around the body.   It only gets in people's throats if it's put there, and that's where oral sex comes in.  

Also note that the HPV vaccine does not protect you against all the strains of HPV, just the most common ones.  It's still a lot better than nothing though.
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