February 15th, 2011


Results of Extreme Desserts Pt 2

I'm a bit behind on blogging these days. 

My extreme desserts adventure went well.  We started with a very dark chocolate no-flour cupcake recipe, and created four flavors:

1. Hot pepper chocolate, with a couple of pinches of hot pepper per cupcake
2. Cardamom chocolate, with several pods of green cardamom per cupcake
3. Curry chocolate, with 2tsp yellow curry per cupcake
4. Ginger chocolate, with 4tsp ginger powder (not candied ginger) per cupcake

I think 3 and 4 turned out the most intense, but all four recipes worked out quite well.

Extreme Desserts Pt 2  Extreme Desserts Pt 2
Extreme Desserts Pt 2


Pillow Fight Club

I went to my second Pillow Fight Club yesterday.  It's a flash mob in which a thousand people bash one another with pillows.

Pillow Fight Club 2011
  Pillow Fight Club 2011

It was less feathery and somewhat more aggressive than in previous years, but it was still a lot of fun.  I brought a stuffed snake instead of a standard pillow.  It had fantastic range, but was useless in close combat.

Pillow Fight Club 2011  Pillow Fight Club 2011

Shock of the day... I have never, in all my time snowboarding, met someone who had bought the same snowboarding jacket as me.  My commercially purchased yet unique form of personal expression was a core part of my manufactured individuality.  Until yesterday.  I complemented the stranger on his choice of jacket and had my friend take a quick photo.

The aftermath of our expedition... bruises and feathers. :-)