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Matt's Blog

A Most Stupendous & Audacious Undertaking

Passion, Engagement, and Reward
I've been on fire these past few weeks.  I'm so engaged with my new startup efforts that it's taken center stage in my life, and everything else seems like a distraction.  Making progress on the project is both an endorphin rush and a

My world trip in 2009 was very much about letting the world's knowledge and experience flow into me.  2010 was all about being playful and creative, and gently searching for the next central focus in my life.  2011 is about pushing new ideas out into the world.

This project has had an interesting reward curve.  The first couple of months were actually rather hellish -- I spent a lot of time in frustration as I had to assimilate new knowledge and (often poorly documented) systems; they became a shaky foundation from which I began to reach upwards, seeing a clear goal in the sky but unable to reach it.  Progress at first was very slow, and roadblocks were constant.  Over time the foundations became more solid and I began to build higher.  Now I have someone else working with me, and the tantalizing vision is quickly becoming closer.  The on-the-way rewards have become better and better as we have gained more algorithms and knowledge at our disposal.  There was a moment a little over a couple of weeks ago when enough of the pieces were in place to realize a key piece of the vision, and the emotional and intellectual sense of release I got out of bringing this piece of the vision into fruition was among the most wonderful sensations I've felt all year. 

It lasted about four days before becoming part of the taken-for-granted background of my life.   

Then, my focus became the next piece of the vision.  The rewards are coming more rapidly now, and my days are filled with self-generated entertainment from what is turning out to be an intellectually demanding and fantastically intricate task.   Priorities have shifted, and sometimes staying in and programming is *the* most interesting thing to do on a Saturday night, even when I live in an awesome city full of cool people.

There are still frustrating days, and days where my extrovert self is chained to a computer alone, but overall this project had brought a powerful focus to my life.

I *will* be posting some videos publicly soon, I promise.  :-)