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Matt's Blog

A Most Stupendous & Audacious Undertaking

Tour of the SF Armory (slightly NSFW)
There is a forbiddingly high, incongruous, block-sized Scottish castle a few blocks from my house.  It used to be a city armory back in the day, but has been abandoned and disused from the 1950s.  Abandoned, that is, until recently.  In an effort to raise money, the city decided to look for potential buyers to purchase the abandoned armory building.  However, they wanted to find a buyer who would preserve as much of the building's historic appearance as possible.  The winning bidder was a company that, unlike the other bidders, was happy to get a set of dingy, mostly windowless spaces with heavy iron doors, boilers, and lots of attachment points on the wall and ceiling. 

Specifically, this company made kinky porn, and an old armory/castle suited them perfectly.  There were some protests from local residents who felt that the company would bring an unsavory character to the neighborhood (a neighborhood, I should point out, that's rife with drug dealing and other street crime), but the city government went ahead with their bid.

Recently, the kinky porn company started offering building tours.  Porn isn't my thing (I'm more into the real thing than watching other people do it), but the promise of learning about the internal workings of the porn industry and getting to poke around a mysterious old building was too hard to resist. 


We got to talk to several of the kink.com employees, and from what I could tell, they do a very good job of treating their employees well and trying to keep safety standards as high as possible. 

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