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Matt's Blog

A Most Stupendous & Audacious Undertaking

Wide-brimmed condoms?
There's plenty of research out there claiming that condoms not effective at preventing the spread of STDs that can be transmitted through genital-to-genital contact.  HPV, herpes, and others are on this list.

I was thinking last night that this problem would actually not take much work to solve.  Essentially all someone has to do is create a condom that flares out at the base to a width of 6 inches or so.  The outer circumference of the base would have an embedded semi-rigid ring that would keep the shape circular.  (It would be similar to the outer ring of the female condom, but bigger)  This flared base would ensure that there's no direct genital-to-genital contact.  

Granted, relatively few people care as much about reducing STD risks as I do, and a condom that looks like a miniature sombrero likely would be seen as kind of ridiculous-looking and potentially unsexy.  But surely there are enough people like me that this could be some sort of niche market.
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