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Matt's Blog

A Most Stupendous & Audacious Undertaking

You spammers...
The number of lj spam comments I have to delete per day (10+) is kind of insane.  The complaints about the heavy traffic of ads shown to nonmembers (despite me paying for a membership) are also rankling me.  If I'm paying for lj as a blog hosting service, it shouldn't show ads to people trying to look at my blog.

Surely the spamminess of an all-Cyrillic response to my all-English journal from an lj account created a couple of days ago and containing numerous links to sketchy online pharmacies would not be that hard to detect.

Comment settings are here:  http://www.livejournal.com/manage/settings/?cat=privacy

I just checked the "minimize comment inclusion in search engine results" ticky box... perhaps this will dissuade spammers from using my account if this setting something they can detect.

If that doesn't work...

I'm already thinking of ditching LJ as a public blogging service and using Wordpress instead.  I can point the wordpress blog to my own domain and get some pagerank.  I likely will keep LJ as an outlet for friend-protected posts.  

Here's what I'm thinking for public posts:

I'll use Wordpress for my blog.  I will encourage/force people to comment on the wordpress blog instead of here.  Cross-network identity management is fairly good these days.  Note that I can't disallow comments entirely or all existing comments will disappear (wtf?), so I will set it to only allow comments by friends.
I'll have the blog auto-repost to Google+ and Facebook.  Splitting a comment stream 3 ways is annoying, but I'm guessing Google+ will eventually start allowing comment threads to be embedded on different sites, and that will allow auto-sync.  I have less hope for Facebook.