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A Most Stupendous & Audacious Undertaking

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[local] Come to Balsa Man, the 1/16th scale version of burningman!
Not going to Burning Man?

Come check out the tiny parody event that takes place on Ocean Beach at the site of the original Burning Man.  There's a tiny Man, tiny port-a-potties, tiny sound stages, tiny art, and tiny art grants to support the tiny art.  Getting there takes mere minutes, and the whole event only lasts a couple of hours. 

It's this saturday afternoon! 

Here are some tiny pictures:

Oh Noes!! by mikest No Waiting by mikest Balsaman by mikest Pants Camp by mikest
Balsaman by mikest Return Of La Contessa by mikest Tiny Flock by mikest Sutro Burning by akbuttercup UN by lynne.rutter hot damn & slim by sninky-chan

Check out their site here

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I was at Balsa Man the first year!

I hear that it has totally sold out and gone mainstream since then.

Well, okay, that is has very very slightly sold out and gone mainstream since then.

(I won't be there, though, unfortunately, because it's at the same time as a wedding I'm enthusiastically attending.)

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