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Kids these days... (people's memories are short)
Every now and then when people complain about the music that "kids these days" listen to, I have to remind them of things like this from the '80s:
It seems as if when people reach the age of 30 or so, they forget everything that happened before age 18.

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Good point about pop stars' inabilities to ration expenditures. :-)

Also, I didn't know there was that much history with Vanilla Ice. Now I want to go read about him on wikipedia, though I need to get back to work so I'll have a look later.

Not just ration expeditures, but also the music industry, the way it takes advantage... with myspace and internet in general, that strangle hold has really been loosened, which is a very good thing... but also why now oyu hear Capitol, BMG, etc bemoaning how they aren't as profitable. Not to mention, these were kids, how much was given to them vs went to their parents. Even w/ the laws (which are only in effect in CA for the enteratinment industry) it doesn't protect as much as one might have you believe.

He has a very huge history of self hatred. For a little glimpse, there was also a season of The Surreal Life. For each season, they had Warhol-esque paintings done of each person living there in the hallway. One of the first things he did was destroy the one of him.

He does have a somewhat interesting history. At one point Suge Knight supposedly sent goons to his penthouse and threatened to throw him over the balcony if he didn't stay with the record label.

I saw him perform live somewhere around 1998, long after his career had gone downhill and he was trying to stage a comeback with a rap metal album he'd recently released. The sad thing to watch was, me and all the rest of the fans didn't cheer much for the shitty rap metal, but we went wild when he sang Ice Ice Baby toward the end because it reminded us of middle school. You could tell he hated singing it and didn't want anything to do with it anymore, but it's what all the fans wanted. And unfortunately, his rap metal really sucked.

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