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This is perhaps the best letter I have ever received
NAM just wasted a bunch of money on some very crappy direct mail leads.

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There are no words for how much I loathe these sorts of things.

You're clearly just jealous of my long natural eyelashes, blond curls, and pouty 16-year-old air of superiority. :-)

No, I'm worried that these people will see these things in you and try to take advantage of your trusting nature and swindle every penny they can from you. I would hate to see you taken advantage of, especially considering your lovely and marketable qualities ;-)

But everyone's been so *nice* to me. I can't *imagine* them trying to trick me.

I know... I'm sure its just my inner cynic.

How so? You blog the letter, so you give them quite a bit of free publicity.

I am giving them free publicity, but it's not *good* free publicity.

I was invited to compete in Miss Teen Nebraska when I was in High School. I was tempted to show up in a dress with my invitation in hand.

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