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A Most Stupendous & Audacious Undertaking

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Tiny Wings is life
After exposing Angry Birds as a depressing tale of terrorism and genocide, I'm turning my attention to the next big iphone game sensation: Tiny Wings.

Really, Tiny Wings is your life.  It's about using skill and intelligence to transcend your biological limitations, but still being hemmed in by constraints of reality.  You can choose how you move through the world.   You can pass slowly through the scenery as you enjoy the mellow curves of the land, or you can shoot for the clouds, whizzing through life with barely a chance to rest or reflect, and always in danger of having your string of successes come crashing down if you don't time your actions just right.  If you are sufficiently skilled, you can go very far, but time continues to pass and the inevitable dusk approaches.  You can go gently into the night or you can fight to keep going until the end, working hard for the chance to live a bit longer and see a bit more. 

Meanwhile at the Tiny Wings conference, Ray Kurzweil is claiming that with sufficiently advanced computer automation, we will be able to move through the islands so quickly that night will never catch up to us, allowing us to continue to soar as long as we so desire.  Critics of course claim that night is a "natural" result of the passage of time, and believes that society will destabilize if everyone could soar into the great unknown past island 10. 

Personally, I can't get past Island 8.
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Speaking of using skill and intelligence to transcend biological limitations, have you seen BBC's Human Planet?

I don't know if you're a fan of BBC nature documentaries, but that series is one of my new favorites.

No I haven't. I'd probably enjoy it.

In contrast to Blue Planet or Earth which focus on animals, it focuses almost entirely on human adaptations to extreme environments. I found it to be quite excellent, especially the first three parts.

My favorite part is the first, Oceans.

I will have more faith in Ray Kurzweil's predictions when he starts admitting the cool stuff is going to happen after he dies.

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