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 I'm on Google+.

I have this theory that most people are only active contributors to two general-audience social networks at most. It's been true for me since ~2004 when I dropped Friendster.

So LiveJournal vs Facebook vs Google+... who is it going to be?  I don't want to stop blogging.

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So, what would be the point of getting a paid account? That's the only reason I would consider one, to spare non-LJ friends the indignity of a spam dunning.

But yep. That's why I host my own blog. It costs less a year than an LJ membership, to boot.

The point of having a paid account is being able to make more voice posts (no thanks) and getting additional slots for user icons (super necessary, right?).


Also, you have the option of editing your comments if no one has responded to them yet, which would have been nice in this case. Irony!

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