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A Most Stupendous & Audacious Undertaking

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Multisensory modalities for magnificent massage mastery
I recently had the idea that people could learn the art of massage more quickly if they could connect the hand motions to the sensations the motions create.  I realized that this could be accomplished by setting up a camera and display so that the person receiving the massage could watch a live feed of the masseuse working on their back.

It worked really well. 

Multisensory massage  Multisensory massage
It turns out that watching a live video of your back for an hour while receiving the sensations you see is a great way to achieve an out-of-body experience as well as a great way to learn massage strokes. 

Try it.

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that's a great idea! How did you set it up? Webcam pointing at the space the table was set up, with a projector aimed at the floor it looks like?

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