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A Most Stupendous & Audacious Undertaking

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Last week I watched papertygre  upload most of her books as she prepared to move out.

Seeing the process aroused a transhumanist sentiment in me, a glimmer of a future in which our world is gradually transformed into digital information.  It creates a sense of raw possibility and freedom, albeit tinged with a bit of emptiness.

The ability to liberate objects from reality is something I'm passionately working towards in my new startup; it's exciting to see another form of this process.

In the case of book scanning, it's a two-step process involving cutting off the binding and then putting the pages through a bulk scanner 100 at a time.  Hard-core book lovers might want to look away at this point...  :-)

(In case you're wondering, there are many reasons why she didn't choose to buy e-books and then donate the original books to the library, not the least of which is the annoyance of DRM.)

Here are some surgically mutilated books, post-scan.

Ratha digitizes her book collection
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Alas, I just moved to Seattle. A few days ago. I would have been happy to loan it to you. This is just the kind of thing that would be ideal in a hacker space, as a way to share the expense. Yes, I scanned all my receipts and pay stubs and the like, that was the primary use case, and the books were a bonus.

Nice. I started in 1993 :)

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