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All done with LJ... it's been a wonderful 5 years!
I wrote up a post few days back on how I finally decided to quit LJ.  It failed to post properly.  I lost the post and tried again the next day.  After making sure it posted properly, I continued on to other things.  Today I looked back and discovered that the second post had somehow been lost as well.

I'm going to ignore conspiracy theories and keep this short.  

Basically, between the spammers, the DDoS attacks, and the relentless ads shown to nonmembers, I think it's time to leave.   LJ is like a warm bath that is gradually cooling down.  It's no longer pleasant or comfortable, but the anticipated brief pain of getting out to go somewhere better has been enough pain to keep me in.  It's hard to completely kill a community, even an online one.  There's always a small number of dedicated residents who will let things get really bad before they even think of moving.  (See the This American Life episode on the unreasonable persistence of cities)

I've had a good ~5 years here, and especially enjoyed using it during my travels in 2009.   The level of detail and richness I shared would not have been possible on Facebook.

No other web service seems to match the combination of depth, multiple privacy settings, and social that LJ does.  Google+ comes close but is not good for detailed multimedia posts.  Re: Dreamwidth, I am concerned that it does not have enough resources to stay current with evolving web publishing standards.  Facebook and Twitter are way too short and ephemeral and have limited privacy controls.  

I plan on mainly being active on google+ for short posts and a a not-yet-set-up wordpress blog for longer ones.  I realize that Google+'s pseudonym policy is preventing people from using it, but I have a feeling they are likely to give in on that one soon.  For the blog I'm debating between using the web service on my own domain and doing my own wordpress installation.  I'll do one more post here to note my blog's new location.  

Find me on Facebook here:
Find my main web presence here:

See you all somewhere else on the giant tapestry of online social interaction.  May we meet again.  

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Yeah, I'm pretty much done too I think.

Sad to see you go, but I think people have been dropping off one by one anyway and it's just not what it used to be. Also, I have a hard time keeping up with it when I'm also reading Facebook and Google+ which at this point feels a lot more like home to me, since there's more people I know on them.

For the past 2 months, I've only checked lj maybe 3 times, and each time only read a few days worth of stuff... so I guess I have already effectively dropped off anyway. It's possible I'll still make occasional posts but I'm not sure who I'd expect to read them.

Let us know if you find anywhere that has what lj once had! I would still love to have a place like that, at least if I had the time for it.

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